came out into the scene a few years ago, in his time around these parts, he has made himself a name in edge-play and rope. He is the founder of SAEP (or San Antonio Edge Play group),as well as Co-Owner of the rope dojo/photostudio Theory. On any given afternoon, he can be found at various munches and events across Central and South Texas, including San Antonio and Austin, and as far north as Dallas, travels as of late have brought him to Colorado, California and even as far as Japan. His passion for rope and kink has been demonstrated in his constant pursuit of knowledge, education, and experience. His rope has a definite eastern style, with a focus on the four tortures of the Edo Period in Japan. The energy behind his tying can be described as both challenging in a technical aspect, and generous with the sadism. When, he is not learning, teaching, or volunteering, he spends his spare time tying up people, and making them scream, in no particular order.