Bios for 2019 San Antonio Fetish Ball

Biography of the performers / hosts / guest appearances / and all players in the 2017 San Antonio Fetish Ball

SideShow Human Suspension & Freakshow.

“SideShow Frank has been a Suspension performance artist and professional body piercer for the better part of the past 15 years. He has performed and participated for various tattoo expos, fetish events, music tours, fashion shows, and other private events all over the country and other parts of the world. Besides just “professional hooking” he and his team also dabble in all the classic forms of turn of the century carne freakshow stunts and acts; sometimes with a much needed modern twist. Get ready folks!!

Acid Queen

fetballacidFounder/Owner/Coordinator of EBM Dollz and current stage show leader of The BoZo PoRnO CiRcUs. Acid Queen is well known for her incredible dancing energy and amazingly creative eye for all things gothic and fetish. She began studying modeling at the Page Parks School of Modeling and Talent agency (P.A.G.E.713) at the age of 12. She began her career in go-go dancing and fetish performance with Dare Ware in Houston, Texas from 2002 to 2010. After many years of performing with many local and well known DJs, music artists, and companies she began managing her own troupe first called Electrosluts Extroardinaire in 2008. Shortly after then she began dance managing for larger companies such as Austin Cyberpunks and Temple of Flesh. In 2012 she was a dancer and coordinator for Ta Ta Tuesdays at Headhunters in Austin, Texas. Shortly after that she began dancing and coordinating for the The Nocturnity Blood Sirens. She is currently working on throwing Independent Parties at Elysium Nightclub several times a year with the help of all the EBM Dollz. Her extreme passion for dancing and notorious leadership skills have made a big name for her in the Gothic/Industrial/Fetish scene

Kane and Kerosene

A husband and wife team who have been tying for some years now and have had the privilege of bringing their unique style to the Exotic Easter for 4 years now.  Their unique energy driven dynamic means you ever know what you will get with they start working together.  They are happy mixing both Eastern and Western Shibari .  Together they own PainfullyKnK wax we well as are Co-Owners of Theory in San Antonio.  Kane leads SARG(San Antonio Rope Group) and Kerosene is a local Fetish Photographer.

Knot Knormal

has been tangling ropes in the south Texas scene for over 5 years, and has had the honor of bringing his style of Shibari roping to the Exotic Easter Ball 4 times previously.  He is also a leader for SARG(San Antonio Rope Group)He is a rope maker, educator, artist, and happy to show the ropes to anyone willing to put the time into it.

Danimal Sky

He has excelled as a producer, musician, remixer, & DJ. Born and raised in Miami, Danimal started his music career early while living in Atlanta. With production skills that matched his prowess behind the turntables, remixes and original tracks have earned him reputation across the US & UK. He has gained success through TV and radio ads, background music, and in the innovative remixes of some prominent artists ranging from KMFDM, Lords of Acid, Nine Inch Nails, Skinny Puppy, Ministry of Sound, & more. He also is the singer/songwriter for his band ANARKI, a main contributor and musician for the band Bozo Porno Circus, and runs his own label Effigy Records. He is a musician in every sense of the word.

DJ Syn13

He is an Austin based music lover who has been spinning in Texas for over 4 years. He brings his eclectic music tastes to the audience spinning a mixture of electronic dance music mixed with whatever fits the emotions of the dance floor.

Sasha Taylor

She is a transi show girl that has numerous titles from city to national level.  Miss Texas For Life 2014. She play the guitar and sing and love to make people laugh. She says " I will only recognize you from the back of your head because that's the part I see when I'm behind you and on top lol". You can catch her at Silver Dollar on Friday nights an sometimes on Mondays at luther's

Ritz Kracker

The whip artist Ritz Kracker brings the villainy of Zorro with the flavor of Indiana Jones in stunning performances that leave the audience captivated and enticed. The smooth a graceful play of whip as it accelerates to speeds faster than sound and appears to be in a multitude of locations at once.  Ritz is not only talented at the use but in the manufacture of whips, we are very happy not only have him perform this year but to also bring his creations for you to purchase for your self.


Taking inspiration from UK Acid Techno artists, 1980s industrial acts and the 1990’s Rave Scene, Star23′s sound is as unique as the dance floor he is controlling. He is a DJ who is not bound by any specific genre. Star23 spins music from multiple genres in a set, such as breaks, electro, dubstep, nu disco, house, industrial and new wave, depending on the needs of his dance floor Star23 has been DJing across Texas since 2000 and is one of the few remaining vinyl DJs in the state. Star23 was one of the original Area512 DJs and a headliner at multiple events including the Mad Hatters Tea Party. He was also one of the longest signed DJs with Underground Nation crew. Star23 cofounded Seduction Percussion and produced several adult themed events in San Antonio clubs such as Communion and Atomix.Star23 founded Tramp Stamp which was an outrageous and at times, a notorious weekly event. He is also one of the original featured DJs with the monthly Vinyl Solution night.

EBM Dollz

EBM Dollz is a Gothic/Industrial High Energy Shock Dance Team. Our mission is delivering exemplary dancing and stage show performances in the greater Texas areas. We are comprised of extremely professional, experienced, and talented women. Our abilities range from various forms of entertainment including Burlesque, Go-Go, Cage dancing, Fetish Performance, Belly Dancing, Pole, Lyra, Metal Grinding, Fire Poi/Play/Breathing, and coordinated theatrical dance performances







JDS – Lasers

JDS Lasers logo

The only unicorn powered lasers in the universe, yes JDS has harnessed the secret of stimulated photons with the magic of unicorns. The brilliant rainbow of colors and the feeling of being over taken by light is what they do. If all you did was come for the lasers it would be enough, but never ignore how they complement the evening and bring your energy and excitement to new levels