SideShow Human Suspension & Freakshow.

“SideShow Frank has been a Suspension performance artist and professional body piercer for the better part of the past 15 years. He has performed and participated for various tattoo expos, fetish events, music tours, fashion shows, and other private events all over the country and other parts of the world. Besides just “professional hooking” he and his team also dabble in all the classic forms of turn of the century carne freakshow stunts and acts; sometimes with a much needed modern twist. Get ready folks!!

San Antonio Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

A very big thank you to San Antonio Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, Abbey of the Alamo. They are volunteering to help this years San Antonio Fetish Ball, we do hope they enjoy the latex booth and watching over the silent auction, There are going to be so many wonderful things for you to bid and win.  We hear a large number of the sisters are going to be in attenance and helping a few of them for sure are. Sister Rhoda Whorse, Sister Eliza Doesalot, Sister Betty Stacty, Postulant Sister Mary Annette, Postulant Sister Winnie Goetzhard, Novice Sister Cher Noble. Please thank them from us and thank them for all they do in the community, trully a wonderful organization. Website: https://www.sanantoniosisters.org/

OUCH – Hardcore Leather

This is a last minute add to our vendors this year and we are so happy to have them. The have a great apparel shop but most important to the fetish and leather crowd, they have a kick as leather shop with all the leather goodies you want have and try. Plus some very nice gear for your evenings out to the leather bar and fetish party. They are closing shop on Sunday and bringing all those nice things to you at the Fetish Ball so come enjoy.


Handcrafted paddles and toys made from exquisite domestic and exotic hardwoods.Designed, drawn, cut, and finished by hand, each paddle is a unique piece of artistry designed to deliver a unique sensation. A quoute that should bring light to the skills are work that go into there products. "When buying from an artist/maker, you're buying more than just an object/painting.  You are buying hundreds of hours of failures and experimentation. You are buying days, weeks, and months of frustration and moments of pure joy.  You aren't just buying a thing, you're buying a piece of heart, part of a soul, a moment of someone's life.  Most importantly, you're buying the artist more time to do something they are passionate about." – Rebekah Joy Plett
Website: http://elguapospaddles.com/home

Ritz Kracker Whips

founded with one goal: To supply the highest quality Nylon whips at the most economical prices. RKW Specializes in custom made nylon whips of all types, sizes, and design. RKW has always said if you can dream it, we can make it. No matter your skill level we are certain that you will find our whips responsive and easy to use for many years. Website: http://www.ritzkrackerwhips.com/

Superior Adult Toys

A local vendor that is online only and will have all the lovely kinky items from software to hard for her and him and all your friends. We are happy have a space for them they should have some items not found easlly while shopping the mall, but easy for you to find at the San Antonio Fetish Ball. 

Montgomery Boot Blacking

Long time boot black in San Antonio, one the best established boot blacks in San Antonio, offten doing his fine work at the ANNEX (local leatherman bar) and has brought his skills to Dallas, Austin and Houston. Montogmery is the regular boot black at ToF's TEMPLE event. We always love to have him around, he can make you shine 

Sabor Insanity

The gem of the Austin Gothic Industrial/Fetish Scene. Classically trained from a very early age in hip hop and other various forms of dance, Sabor became a professional Gothic/Industrial go go dancer at the age of 18. She is currently working with the EBM Dollz, The Hell Katz (Headhunters), and The Vaude-Thrills Burlesque Troupe. She is the former dance manger of the Nocturnity Blood Sirens (Elysium). She is also a well-known member of the fetish community in Austin, Texas as well as surrounding areas. Her abilities range from go-go dancing, cage dancing, theatrical/shock/gore/fetish performance, and metal grinding. With 14 years of dance experience and a knack for extreme pain and kink she’s sure to shock and delight you.

Riot Zyanide

New to the Austin Scene this gothic ballerina has been dancing for over ten years. Riot has been classically trained from an early age in ballet, jazz, and lyrical. Her personal style includes soft classical ballet, go-go dancing, punk, gothic, theatrical and gore performances. She has recently joined the lovely and talented EBM Dollz so be prepared to see this fiery dancer on the stage.


She has been doing rope for over four years now and this will be her second appearance rigging at Exotic Easter.  She is coming off a short break from rope to help find her center again. She is an experienced rigger, educator, and self-suspension artist. 


came out into the scene a few years ago, in his time around these parts, he has made himself a name in edge-play and rope. He is the founder of SAEP (or San Antonio Edge Play group),as well as Co-Owner of the rope dojo/photostudio Theory. On any given afternoon, he can be found at various munches and events across Central and South Texas, including San Antonio and Austin, and as far north as Dallas, travels as of late have brought him to Colorado, California and even as far as Japan. His passion for rope and kink has been demonstrated in his constant pursuit of knowledge, education, and experience. His rope has a definite eastern style, with a focus on the four tortures of the Edo Period in Japan. The energy behind his tying can be described as both challenging in a technical aspect, and generous with the sadism. When, he is not learning, teaching, or volunteering, he spends his spare time tying up people, and making them scream, in no particular order.


Hailing from the Alamo city Minawa entered the rope scene 3 years ago and never let go. She actively participates as a bottom, a self-suspender, and a dabbling smart-ass. She is a freelance photographer and Co-owner of Theory, a studio space. She is also a leader for SARG(San Antonio Rope Group)She brings a unique energy to her spaces and feels most comfortable in rope, ideally in a lot of pain.


began his kink career in 2009 and quickly became obsessed with Shibari. A Sadomasochistic rigger in a long term relationship with his rubber chickens, he currently enjoys feeding his inner sadist by subjecting friends to banal puns and witty anecdotes. He is often found tying and teaching at The Lair in San Antonio.

DJ MissryMachine

Hailing from San Antonio, Texas, the sultry siren DJ Miserymachine, mixing only the finest smoldering modern Dark Electro, expertly beat-matched with the absolute best highlights of Classic Industrial. Sheis an intoxicating and vital addition to take any event to that next level. Choose your poison

DJ Pr0phet

An old school industrial Dj that blazed a grinding path for so many others to follow. You can find him still cranking the machine of industrail sounds in Austin at Elysium on a regular basis. Pr0phet keeps the scary and dark of industrail live and bleeding.  We are so happy to have him join us at the San Antonio Fetish Ball 2017, we are eager to exprience the enthrolling vibrations of dark industrial lust.

DJ Syn13

He is an Austin based music lover who has been spinning in Texas for over 4 years. He brings his eclectic music tastes to the audience spinning a mixture of electronic dance music mixed with whatever fits the emotions of the dance floor.

DJ Spinlock

DJ Spinlock SuitThe Wildest DJ on the tables, his style of music and dance is dark, stompin’ and sexual. The crowd cannot help but grind to the beats. He brings the Euro beats you know and love and makes them scream. If you’ve never had the joy of dancing to his style, coming to the FETISH BALL for this alone can make your evening. He is also the only DJ I know that has ever played BUTT NAKED.

Aiden Starr

aiden_landscape_nonudityAiden is perverse in ways I rarely imagine a woman to be. She understands fetish deeply, lustfully, personally. Her criteria for casting are focused on the commitment, not commercial appeal.” — John Stagliano 

She was born to be a Mistress. While working in New York as a fetish model and performer, Aiden also managed a prominent fetish dungeon and later opened a dungeon herself when she moved to Los Angeles. Aiden won the 2009 AVN Award for Best All-Girl 3-Way Sex Scene, for the movie “Belladonna’s Girl Train.” 

Her production resume includes: art directed for David Aaron Clark; directed for Kink.com; Feminist Porn Award for WolfHudsonisBad.com; Feature Film Jury for Porn Film Festival Berlin; hosting two shows on Vivid Radio Sirius XM 102; co-hosting Evil Angel Radio. 

Aiden’s awards nominations include: 

2014 AVN Awards Best Group Sex Scene, for “Orgy University”
2014 AVN Awards Most Outrageous Sex Scene, for “Fluid”
2013 AVN Awards Unsung Starlet Of The Year
2010 AVN Awards Best All-Girl Couples Sex Scene, for “Psycho Cheerleaders 2”
2010 AVN Awards Best All-Girl Group Sex Scene, for “Lesbian Hospital 2: Her First Exam”
2009 AVN Awards Best All-Girl 3-Way Sex Scene, for “Girlvana”
2009 AVN Awards Best All-Girl Group Sex Scene, for “Bree’s Slumber Party”
2008 AVN Awards Best Group Sex Scene — Video, for “Upload”

Aerial Silk Artist Deborah Espinosa

IMG_04901She has been residing in San Antonio for the past four years. Within a year she discovered acro-yoga through a local rock climbing gym. After having experience training with acro and climbing she was introduced to the circus art known as aerial silks. She naturally picked it up and it quickly developed into a passion. She has been training different circus arts and teaching aerial silks in San Antonio the past two years. Her passion for circus arts continues to grow.  She plans to work towards helping to grow San Antonio's circus community and showing others it's magic through teaching and performing.

Tom Moore

Tom MooreA Life Full of Perversion Is Well Lived

And I started early at the age of 7 I started tying up the Mormon twins next door and never stopped there. My first real BDSM party was at 17 when I used to sneak into the Power Exchange when I lived in San Francisco. I was lucky enough to then be stationed in the Marine Corps back in the SF area where my education in the Strange and Perverse continued on Weekends While keeping my leather locked in the trunk of my car as the Service is not the most accepting of our lifestyles especially at that time. Upon Leaving the USMC I enrolled in Nursing School and to help pay for such I started doing Professional Domination. Funny how a good education in medical technique can be ever so helpful as a Pro Dom. While Nursing did not prove to be a good fit for me, Professional Domination and the adult industry did. Around 1994 I performed in my first adult film and several thousand scenes later I started working behind camera as well. Along the way I have tried to give back to my community as an educator teaching and performing at events around the world especially at Kink in the Caribbean and as a Judge for Miss Fetish Universe for the last 14 years. Currently I am Shooting and Directing for some of the best Adult companies in the business such as SMC, Porn.com and Brazzers. On my way to this wonderful event I will be coming from Spain where I will be shooting for 9 days at a gorgeous villa. I plan on living this life of Perversion till I am the Dirty old Man I aspire to be….stay tuned for the next great adventure..



Jericho Edge

Jericho Edge
Jericho has an extensive background in performing arts.

He has a long history in our shows and many other fetish productions throughout Texas – you may recognize him from his time with Glory Hole Productions in Dallas or his performances at Summer Sinfest in Houston to name two. 

Let's not neglect to mention his beautiful, muscular body for both men and women to enjoy (and sexy British accent to boot)!  Anyone who has been to one of our shows knows the many talents of Jericho and, for those of you who haven't, you have no clue what you've been missing.