Riggers 2019 San Antonio Fetish Ball

Kane and Kerosene

A husband and wife team who have been tying for some years now and have had the privilege of bringing their unique style to the Exotic Easter for 4 years now.  Their unique energy driven dynamic means you ever know what you will get with they start working together.  They are happy mixing both Eastern and Western Shibari .  Together they own PainfullyKnK wax we well as are Co-Owners of Theory in San Antonio.  Kane leads SARG(San Antonio Rope Group) and Kerosene is a local Fetish Photographer.

Knot Knormal

has been tangling ropes in the south Texas scene for over 5 years, and has had the honor of bringing his style of Shibari roping to the Exotic Easter Ball 4 times previously.  He is also a leader for SARG(San Antonio Rope Group)He is a rope maker, educator, artist, and happy to show the ropes to anyone willing to put the time into it.