Bri4The actual Bio is in progress, the girls are in high demand. We are hoping they will find a little down time to give us a revealing personal bio. A short fictional story NOT about her Really: As I asked the question, I turned and caught a glimpse of her running fingers over one of her nipples. Quickly she dropped her hand to her side, not wanting me to notice how turned on she was getting. I couldn't contain my smile as peered inside to see a variety of vibrators and dildos, along with a few other items. I had known girls to own a vibrator, maybe even two or three, but this was ridiculous! She stopped and stared at me, biting her lips nervously. My heart was pounding in my chest as I waited for her response. She was still silent, her big blue eyes transfixed on mine. Then without a word, she pushed the box of sex toys out of the way and crawled over to me, knocking me back onto the bed and locking her lips around mine.